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Family owned and operated since 1977

Union Shop: Employees are members of IUPAT District 81, Local 246, Des Moines, Iowa.
Our Facility - 30,000 square feet.
Our Staff - 47.
In House Capabilities - Art, Screenprint, and Embroidery.

We supply a full line of Union/USA garments and promotional items featuring custom made items and custom designed artwork. Keeping design work, printing and embroidery inhouse assures our customers the fastest most reliable service possible. Our employees enjoy good pay and benefits and work in an automated technology forward environment.


       Today is Thanksgiving weekend 2016, and as I am sitting to write the cover story for our 2017 Image Pointe Catalog, truly my heart is warmed and very grateful for so many things. This has been such a huge year for Image Pointe and for our family personally, as well as for our country. 
       This year was a huge convention year for many of our unions, as well as a monumental election year for our nation. In the midst of this, our employees have truly stepped up to the plate (really without even being asked to), working endless hours to meet customer needs. Many of them gave up summer vacations to work so we could get our customers’ orders out quickly and reliably.  Jeff and I feel very blessed to have the team of employees and management staff we have. Many of you don’t know this, but several of our staff have been with us for over 20 years, many over 10 years, and even more over five years. Truly we know these employees make Image Pointe what it is today. With our son-in-law now serving as our Business Development Manager, we have seen some great changes. It’s been a huge joy to see Josh in the company and to plan the next steps as we think forward to the coming years. There is even talk the CEO (ME) might lose her office.
Here is a brief note from Josh:
       “After 10 years away from the Image Pointe team, I was shocked and impressed to come back into a company that has grown in both size and scale of operations, yet has maintained the same core commitment to hard work, quality, and service, upholding the core values that make our country and this company a great place to work. More importantly, it has been a shot in the arm to begin interacting with our customers again, with all of the passion and dedication they bring to supporting the hardworking men and women of our nation. Looking forward, I am excited for the investments that Image Pointe continues to make in our people and our process—pushing the envelope to provide the very best USA/Union products quickly and reliably, and in the context of deep and valued 
relationships with our customers.  Can’t wait for what’s to come.”— Josh
       Both Jeff and I want to see Image Pointe stay strong and provide jobs for our people and to be able to provide USA/Union made products to our customers for many years to come. I’ll give my office up for that any day. 
       Forty years is a long time to own your own company. And even now Image Pointe is stronger than ever. Yes, we have seen huge changes. We’ve seen people come and go and still we are standing tall.  Jeff and I feel this is because even with all the hard times we have seen in our family (see John’s story), and with the hard times we have had to work through in our company and in our nation, our faith has made us stronger. Our faith in God has truly helped us stand the test of time, we could not do it any other way. We appreciate you all so greatly—from our first time customers to those of you who have ordered from us for the past 40 years! How very grateful we are for each of our clients.
Together we can make a better life for all of us.
Jeff and Pat Swartzendruber
Josh and Beth Ruyle

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