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Josh and Beth Ruyle

Josh and Beth Ruyle


After receiving their master’s degrees from Johns Hopkins and living outside of the US for nearly a decade, Josh and Beth Ruyle joined Image Pointe in 2015.  Josh leads daily operations for IP while Beth consults on key company projects.  Prior to IP, their time was spent living and working in developing economies focused on one question – “what is the most effective way to alleviate poverty and suffering in disadvantaged communities?”.  Graduate studies, years of experience leading organizations, and a growing body of research all led to the same answer – a good job.  Nothing can transform a life like a job.  But not all jobs are created equal.  Living wages, generous benefits, safe working conditions, opportunities for training and advancement, and the workforce sharing in the benefits of company growth – these are all things that increase the impact of a job on the life of the employee.  America needs good jobs.  We are proud at IP to create good jobs, but more importantly to support thousands of labor unions across the country in doing the same for their members.  We’re in this together.

If you have interest, we invite you to read our full story here, and more importantly our mission statement and values here.  As we support you in your mission, we hope that you also support us in ours.

Josh and Beth live in Chicago with their three boys – Hudson Taylor, John Elliot, and Enoch Adoniram.  The “call of the wild” draws them outdoors frequently – where they love to camp, hike, fish, and search for creatures.